@Liza this is a HUGE problem


is anyone experiencing severe draft problems? When I customise a shape the objects aren't appearing and when I refresh a sign comes up with 'Womp! There's a problem' and the screen changes from black to white. I'm really annoyed at this. It must immediately be fixed @Liza @rodrigo @montoya

This screen keeps reoccurring; I only have five objects with little code!


Please @Liza it very frustrating.


This is happning to me! I was about to make a topic about this!
Maybe it's because bad wifi


Yes, it is very annoying. I am trying to make a magic animation thing and it keeps do this! It's so frustrating!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Can you use the "bug form" that Liza has shared in the past? It will be easier for us to track this kind of errors. :slight_smile:


Did you update Hopscotch yesterday? What version of iOS are you using? What kind of device?

If you can share the steps you took to get this problem (so that we can recreate it), that would be hugely helpful.



Which shapes? Are you using clones? Screenshots of code would be super helpful, too!


Happenes to me too to answer the questions
- i have the update-
- ios10


For me i was making a bold text with the new update and the free subscriptions but after the loading screen my hopscotch crushed @liza


I'm having the same problem! @Liza
I coded emoji waves because I was going to use them in a game. I exited the draft, and from then on, all I could see was that loading sign. It was a blank white screen, even though I said draw a trail blue. I clicked publish, to see what would happen, and if it would work. The thumbnail photo came out blue like it should, but when I tried to view it to unpublish it since it wasn't done, all that happened was it loaded with the bear dancing. I tryed like, twenty times, and all I saw was the loading screen. I have fine wifi. I am using an iPad mini. I would screenshot the code, but it won't let me.
I tiltled the project E, since I was just teasing so I clicked a random letter.
Here is what the project looks like on my published tab:

Here is what it looks like when you tap it:

By the way, my hopscotch username is Kay Kat


Why don't you put this as bug?


Thanks for this! We're submitting a fix to the app store this morning!


Hi! I haven´t seen that because my iPad has the old Hopscotch.
Also, I changed the category to "Bugs".


Also @liza are you going to add anything in rising?


Also @Liza- so that project I really didn't mean to stay published, but now it's kind of permanently published, as I can't really view it past the loading screen. If you can, could you unpublish it for me, and put it back into my drafts?

Edit: the bug still hasn't gone away... I still can't view that project, and a new draft I created is having the same problem with just loading.


I'm on 9.2.1 with a mini iPad. However, everyone is experiencing this problem so the I.o.s shouldn't matter, thanks for fixing it!

(Sorry for replying late)


@Liza thanks so much for fixing the bug! I can now unpublish the project and view my drafts again.