@liza please let me change my password!PLEASE!



@Liza I need help. I HAVE to change my password.PLEASE!


You could ask here, but you can also send an email! :wink:
I believe it is help@gethopscotch.com

So yeah!


Unrelated but I love your profile picture. That is a pretty background! :joy:


I would reccomend sending Liza an email. ;(


I feel bad that a lot of peop,e hack into ur account


In the preferences tab there is an option that says send password request email


An unhappy windy face? Why?!


I know. Are you still doing that Fuzzycatsnufflels thing?


I think she means her hopscotch email.
Right @Cinderleaf


Idk, if you want to, can we just do a Collab project??


No. I can't email her,but I can at least talk to her in the forum.


Oops. I meant a :wink:!!


Ok.... I hope she comes @Liza please come, has your account been hacked???


Yikes! The best thing to do is email THT. Or you can use the "I forgot my password" button and the system will send you an email so you can reset your password by yourself!