Liza please help!



@Liza, today I was browsing projects, and I saw a project by a person with a swear word in there name! There name is Bad A word 14,( it actually says the word!) please take down there account or make them change the name!


Did they post any projects, maybe you could report one of them so the hopscotch team could see his/her username


But they aren't bad projects, and I don't know how to report!?


Can u guys help if Liza or the team does not see this in time?


Don't worry us reporting group will take care of this!


Thanks for letting me know! The best thing to do is to report a bunch of their projects—we'll catch on to what you're doing.

You can report a project by flagging it:


You have to get a certain amount of topics viewed and a couple of other things


@Liza thanks for letting us know! For some reason I thought that the chain button was the report button. Whoops!


Okay, so I searched up the persons name, and there are a lot of names with the swear word in it! Please help, @Liza


All you have to do is report it and keep going. Enough people will probably report it and the projects might get removed from hopscotch.


We don't know what the swear word is, but this person has got to change his name.