@Liza or @Rodrigo there is A BIG PROBLEM


Please my BFF what would I do without you okay so my username is ThePixleArtCeators do you wan to login or just remix it and do it


Okay thx my friend I will check


Doesn't matter, as long as I can help! :D


I don't see it and what did you do by the way


You pick please BFF pretty please


Alright, I'll do it on my account! Thanks for calling me your BFF! :0
When do you need it done? ;3


Cod you log on to my account and do it please


Sure! What is the password? :0


Do you know the username


Don't worry
This happened to me also
If you make a complicated project it doesn't work


Yes! ;3


Okay, I have seen it! :wink:


Ok I deleted the old pixel art so yeh and please get it done in 20 minutes and go on the forum to tell me that you are done because after you are done I need to add more stuff


Have u update HS?(the update after the free sub I think)


yes i have and it is still not working


Weird...Is a bug,literally,because that kind of code shouldn't do that weird thing.@Liza,@Rodrigo,@Montoya,can you see if it is a bug?


Take the move 2x out of da repeat


I did it doesn't work


It's not a bug, it's the code


@PrincessBunny1 notice the difference between the two pics
Yours currently:

Working pixel code:

(Move forward and change x are the same thing)