@Liza or @Rodrigo there is A BIG PROBLEM


@MR.GAM3R this is what happened



Is there a text for each line? If so, change the last line of code for each one!


Nope I hate it now I can't make pixle art. Today is my sad day​:scream::anguished::fearful:


The previous answer was wrong

Go back to what you had before

take the "move forward x2 pixel size" out of the "repeat x4" and move it below the repeat

I will create a pic


Log on to my account I don't know what you mean


Please don't say that word. And if you need help with pixel art, make a topic for it! Trust me, I did that once, and I got all the help I needed! ;)


This is right.
Right now, your pencil is moving forward too much as soon as it draws one part of the square. You can solve this by moving the move-a-lot block out of the Repeat 4 Times block.


Here it is

Trust me it will definitely work!


Could you do that for me I have too much stress please login to my account @MelodiousParrot


It's really easy to do. Just try it yourself.


No thanks I am having a migraine please understand @MR.GAM3R


When I try login it says the password is wrong, even though the details are right.


I know the password, but it's like a glitch with hopscotch where it won't let me in


I ma back in one hour okay bye


Try redoing all your code in a different project. Make sure everything is exactly the same. Or duplicate that project. See if they are different. I was experiencing the same problem. I was making this art pad, and then I was exactly sure that there was nothing wrong with the code. But then... all the colors worked except one. And I was just done with my code block. And now it's back. What a bummer...:disappointed:


Okay we completely understand. I hope your migraines get a bit better


I'll remix one of your projects and make a pixel for you of you want


Please do that @MelodiousParrot please please


I can do that for you @PrincessBunny1! Do you want a penguin? If so, I'll do this one for you! If you need it immediately, I can start it right now! :wink: Just tell me what style and colors you want!


Alright I have, it should be in your activity tab