@Liza or @Rodrigo there is A BIG PROBLEM (DONE)

Could you login to my account

Ah, I see. Its the code. Its the code, guys.

Okay thx I see it now

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Thanks everyone for helping fix this problem!!

This loading screen bug should be fixed by an update we released Friday night. Let me know if you have updated since Friday and are still experiencing it.



Thanks. (I never experienced the bug, but hey, its fixed!)

Hey @liza so I have updated but it is still showing loading and i have updated Saturday morning

@Liza, I used to have that bug, and I think it is gone...
But it was replaced by another one...
I made a topic about it: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/there-is-a-bug-in-my-drafts/27722

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I am still having it! Here is the Topic! What can I do?I am with the latest update!Help!

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It's easy to fix! Just take the move forward out of repeat 4

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What is going on: after every move and turn, it moves 2x the pixel size. Move it, and it will move and turn, then after that it will move 2x, so it's the code not a bug

That's what I just said

Yep. I just explained it better

You put the last move forward in the repeat that means the last move forward will repeat 4 times (as repeat block says)

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