@Liza or @Rodrigo there is A BIG PROBLEM (DONE)

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username:PrincessBunny1

*What kind of device are you using?:IPad

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing __pixle art and then this weird lines happened.

**I expected this to happen: there to be a colored square box

**But instead this happened: weird dome lines

**Here’s a sweet screenshot:

@Liza or @Rodrigo
And the loading screen is still here it I should annoying and I have updated Hopscotch


Maybe you should show a picture of the code?


I agree. We can't see what happened if we don't know how you made it! ;)

Remember, people on the forum can help too!

Okay I will take pictures of code

Here I go


This might have been a problem with da code

What happened with the code

That's weird, I don't see any problems with the code. Must be a glitch I can't do anything to help you


Maybe take away the last line; (Move Forward (Pixel Size) ) and see what happens! Were you aiming for squares, dots, or smooth?

I think u might need to take away the reapeat times 5 part...

This is what happened if I take away the repeat 5

That may work....

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Oh... sorry. well, It is most likely a glitch

Try my suggestion! :D

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This I should what happened @BerryFOX

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Okay, do that to each line and see what happens! C:

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I know what it is!
Have the repeat x4 inside the draw a trail block


It might be because of the set invisibility

What do you mean by that

Or what @MelodiousParrot said :smiley: