@Liza. Monthly competitions/prizes


just an idea. Like you have challenges on Hopscotch, could you get free items from sponsors and give them away as prizes each month for the top 3 best projects/games in a particular challenge. Like have a best animation-add for coca cola or a game to be made in a specific way with rules? you could have the add for the sponsor before games in the challenge can be played, and have them locked so they can't be remixed and the code copied.


This sounds awesome. Mabie the prizes could be like new charecters or drawing tools(once they come)


I dont think they'll do that but if they do it'll be awesome


I know you can take a pic from a phone/tablet and have it printed on to a t shirt
at Kodak and other shops. Users artwork that's original and impressive could be printed onto T shirts and given as a prize.


Oh. That sounds cool


To give T-shirts to people will require your secret info...


That would be great but as @Violetcupcake987 said it will require personnal info.
Why give real gifts can give virtual ones?

They could be cheaper and more effective:
-The sponsor can just buy you an app and send you the gift code.

Or free
-Hopscotch could change your name in gold.
-they could also do like in twitter and many other apps:
They make a section where it's written suggested hopscotchers to follow,
along with a list of hopscotchers that have been chosen by the hopscotch team.


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Monthly competitions and prizes would be really awesome! Last year the winners of the Hopscotch Halloween contest got to name the new characters. That would be a cool prize if there were new characters. Prizes tangible or virtual sound nice to me :smiley:


@Stradyvarious, that sounds like a great idea! So like every week or month, we could have like a contest or competition. For example, maybe in Christmas we could see who creates the best Christmas project that has lots of effort in it. Maybe we could vote on which and the winner can win some exclusive new items? But I thought it would be a little unfair to other hopscotchers.. I was thinking that if we had new character avatars for our profile, the winner can win some newer, never seen exclusive backgrounds or characters for their profile. I don't know if that makes sense..