@liza help please! There is a bug!



@Liza I need help. Can you fix this glitch?
I want to draw but this happens so I can't. It started happening when the new update happened. Please fix it. Thank you!


Do you mean the fact that the trail you are drawing randomly makes a "dive"?


Yes. It has been happening ALOT. I can't even do the requests I have been getting because it ruins the picture.


I get that too. I've told @thomas about it :wink:

If you have an iPad, it may go away in Landscape (it doesn't happen to me like that for some reason)


Ocasionally it happens in every other project or so…


Exactly, your right COAN.


That's actually a useful fact KVJ. We may be able to track down the bug based on that info.


When I was drawing, it went away in Landscape mode.


Glad to help! :smiley:


It only happened on the versions with the iPhone layout. (3.1+)


How do I put it on landscape mode?


Turn Orientation Lock off and turn your device. HS is now only Landscape on the iPad I think (at least for the coding)


As @KVJ said, try turning your iPad to landscape mode (turn your iPad sideways)