Liza, did u block my email


So when I used to email you, you would respond within a day or two. I emailed u at least a week ago and u still haven't responded. It's very important so I would aproekdqtw if you could respond. Or did you block me? Also, check the pm please


And I have an important email coming up


I don't think she would block your email. Sometimes they just get more emails coming in! She would only block your email if you were spammin.g her with useless stuff.


It may depend on the nature of the email too — I know when I've sent pretty long emails in the past the Hopscotch Team seem not to be able to respond, but I can understand why in that case :slight_smile: Maybe they might not get to every email depending on what's in it sometimes.


Yey! You're back @t1_hopscotch. I haven't seen you much