@Liza can you help me?



Hi @Liza could you please change my forum username to PockyPanda? My current username is CrystalPanda please reply! Are you only meant to change it once or twice?


I don't think moderators, leaders or staff do that anymore, as it would break all of your @s! Sorry about that! :confused:


I don't think it's possible and I love your username


I would just make a new account


It's possible, but it isn't advised (also people like your name :smile:) because the server isn't that great in managing a name change and the removal of certain tags.


Go into your preferences on the forum and find your username, then change it.


Moderators can change usernames, however if they change somebody's username everybody else would want theirs to be changed too!


This topic can be closed now


Why not try recycling this topic? By many have replied to it! Ask the users to delete their posts! :smiley:


Like @SmileyAlyssa said, once you need a new topic, just ask the ones who have replied to delete their posts! By the way, I love the name CrystalPanda!


Thanks @Kiwicute2016! Your the best!