@liza , anyone, I deleted a draft that I want back!


Pls help, is it possible to get that ^ draft back?


I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!! :cold_sweat:


You should email THT. :D
I think they could recover it if it has a name.

I'm not 100% sure tho


I didn't give it a name!


I dun think it can be recovered... ;-;
But you can ask THT anyway. XD


Ok, I emailed it... :cold_sweat: I hope I get it, this was for the Olympic contest by @Ella_13


What? I didn't delete any drafts!


But nobody said that you did...?


It was me when I was cleaning up, I forgot about that project...


I'm really sorry to hear that u lost it. U still have like two days so I bet you could just redo the project

Instead of waiting for an email back, you should just start working on the project. Just copy exactly what you did before except don't lost it

Good luck!


Ok, it took like 18 hours straight though, so I think that I will have to do something different...


Sorry you lost your project, I am pretty sure that a project cannot be recovered once deleted.


They've recovered a draft for me before!
If you feel upset, just tell them, and hope that they're willing to find it for you! :slight_smile: