Live Penguin Webcam Topic!


I found this webcam a while ago when I was making a penguin zoo animal enclosure for science, and it was the most adorable and hilarious thing I've ever seen in my life!
Basically, you can watch penguins 24/7 aboveground, in shallow water, and underwater!

You can take a screenshot and post the pictures here!
On iDevices, press the home and power button to take a screenshot.
On an old laptop (like the one I'm using)- Use "Snipping Tool" to take a screenshot.
There are multiple other ways, but I forget them.
To make this related to hopscotch, I have a challenge! :D
Challenge: Make a penguin trail art or pixel art!
You can also post the penguin trail art/pixel art here too! You can also make a penguin game, but it has to be penguin-related or else the penguins will get you.


What is this guy looking at? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol...penguin crazy me


That's so cool!:grinning: I love penguins. :penguin:I'll try to make a trail art and thanks for providing a link to the web- cam!:grinning:


I love penguins too! :D
And no problem! There are tons of other cool webcams for Penguins, but this one has the funniest penguins.


I have no idea. The penguins always "head-dab"


That is sooo cute! :heart:
This is why penguins are my favorite animal!
I also love it when they hop off the rocks and raise their flippers:


In the first one, the penguin "hogged" the camera....

Was that on purpose? I have no idea


There was this one time where I got on, and there was just this huge black blob, and I'm like, "Whaat is that?" and then I see it moving, and these two penguins are pushing each other like they want to be in front of the camera! :stuck_out_tongue:
Do they know there's a camera filming them and penguin crazy people are watching them?


I know right? When im about to leave the website, I think:

"I have to leave the website. The forum couldve said something! But what if they hop off a rock when I'm away!? Noooooo"

And then this is how i spend my next 30 minutes XD


There's this guy staring at me right now:

I love how they're awake at this time of day and everyone else is just sleeping.


Yeah, that was exactly what I thought in my head yesterday...XD


Um, @WhiteFeathers, you might want to blur out one of your Safari tabs there, it says your school name...


It does? D:




Yeah, your second picture! :D
Don't worry, I don't think a 50 year old man named Rufus is going to be watching penguins all day while procrastinating on her homework that she should've finished two hours ago. :D


Oh its a school district...



;-; and maybe PENGUIN STALKERS


does this mean we are stalking the penguins by watching them all the time?




True. But imagine penguins at the entire district


my district, at the least