LittleM Art Club


This is for members of LittleM Art Club Only, please do not post if you aren't in the club. Challenges and etc will be posted here. Also, members will be posted once I have a fair amount of entries. If you would like to possible join, just go ahead and fill out the form!

Welcome to LittleM Art Club!
Leader: Malie
1. SydexMT
2. BlueBubbles
3. OrangeScent
4. DreamyLemon:lemon:
5. Lilac Blossoms
6. Glitter Kitty
7. DancingLollipop

Weekly Challenge:
Draw one of your OC's in one color!

Last Weeks Weekly Challenge Winner:
DancingLollipop is the winner!

Artist Of The Week:
Our artist of the week shoutout goes to Dragonqueen1#, you do great dragons!

Artists on hopscotch

Can I?


You must fill out the form on hopscotch. My username on hopscotch is: Malie


I already did. Am I in??


So far, I have only accepted one form. What is your hopscotch username Gracfullcing1


Lilac Blossoms is my username


I did my user is the same! Plz accept!:smile:


Apologies, Lilac Blossoms, but you didn't have enough art examples for me to see your full abilities, and therefor I didn't accept you. Apologies,

Bluebubbles, you were accepted C: Once the list is full it will also be posted in hopscotch.


Okay.... Just to let you know, I hardly ever get excepted. I'm really bad at drawing anyways. :scream:


I already join


Thxs for joining ur art is SOO good. I think I'll post a weekly challenge just for fine fen though the club isn't full yet. Whatd you guys think?


Yep its good im looking forwards to it wanna be friends


Yep sounds good. Could I do a paper entry? I'm wayyyyyyy better on paper. This is Fun!


Sure! But also do one on the requested drawing pad on hopscotch. Make sure to screenshot, and then upload here. :3


Can I join??? Please??????


If you do more art on hopscotch so I can see, possibly, but most of the art from you I saw was stick figures, and I'm looking for higher quality art, sorry.


What ??? Who's account were you on?


Lilac Blossom. I will go check again.


Constructive criticism please?


Must have been wrong account. Although you don't shade, I do suppose you could join.

The Weekly Challenge Is Posted