LittleFox Poll - Please Vote!



Do you like LittleFox's art?

  • YASS! It's as good as LP or Shivelights!
  • It's pretty good, if request from her
  • Meh.
  • I'm a hatin hater



Do you know LittleFox on hopscotch?

  • Yes of course! Her art is awesome!
  • I've seen her before
  • Doesn't ring a bell
  • Never heard of her



Do you follow LittleFox...?

  • Yes
  • No



Well, thats sad. (At the moment) My polls show that most people have no idea who I am, dont follow me, and dont think my art is that good. ****sigh***** I live a sad life, lol >-<


Actually, most people have never heard of you, but I'll go check you out! And for polls in the same post, do

[poll number=#1]
- option
[/poll ]
Without the space. Just change the number 1. :wink:


Thanks tankt :slight_smile: Ive used BBC coding before, but I guess it wasnt the same as the BBC code THF uses.


At first I didn't remember you, but now I do


I changed the name so people don't think it's spam. I also gave you your own tag!


I know you! I occasionally stalk your posts because you, probably out of all my followers, give me the most likes :smiley:


Thanks Paydent! I appreciate it!


hey, i'll check u out!
P.S. r u a coder or drawer?


I do mostly art, but some coding too. I love your art ColourfulBlack! You have such a great style!


Ya I don't follow you though... But every once in a while I look at your profile


shrug Its all the same to me tho, because you give more likes than my followers XD


omg i really appreciate that u know me! :slight_smile:


Your welcome :slight_smile: Also, just so people dont get confused, im LittleFox on hopscotch, Malie on the forums.


I actually didn't know I followed you!