Little Search Trick



Here I'll show you how to find old posts by a specific person.

First, open the search thingy on the forum (duh).

Then, type in this phrase.

before:December user:CreativeCoder

That'll show you posts that I posted before December! You can change it to different users and months, also. You can even put a specific date instead of a month!

You can also use other phrases. An example is:

before:December after:October user:CreativeCoder

This will show you posts that I posted between October and December.

There are many other phrases you can use. A way to see all of them is to follow these steps:
1) Open the search.
2) Click the tiny aqua "options" button in the corner.
That's it!

I hope you can use this small trick with the forum search.


Cool, I will try it for sure! :smile:


That is so cool! :smile:


I already made a topic like this before, but

nice! Moar examples than mine!


Oh, sorry. I searched (ironically XD) and only found a search trick with desktop keyboard shortcuts.


This seems interesting but j can't find my first post…