Little keyboardist!


Hey there I am making a really cool keyboard and it's called little keyboardist so you will be able to record songs and play for fun and i am open to any suggestions I have some plans such as... Okay don't think I am crazy but...

Touching to notes at once!

You heard me!

It's not a collab I will be posting previews here

You will get in credits if you suggest and also
Ask any questions about it like "how did you get the name?" So hope you enjoy bye! From the fluffy bear!

enjoyed? Make sure to smash that like butt'on with your little fist of fury! (Pun intended)


What color should I have the background?


(crickets crickets crickets)


Blue would fit well...


Okie dokie that is good! Goodnight it is late!


Make like a drawpad with clones.
when the clones bump line check it's y position is less than,equal to, higher than?
play note?
Have a long thin line move from left to right of the screen.
it will bump each clone you drew as it moves along.
you can have lots of notes playing at once this way.


Maybe add a few presets...

Like a preset of "Fur Elise" or something..

I donno...