Little alchemy collab idea



Who wants to make a little alchemy game?


Kind of like that potion making game someone did a while ago? (I dunno who did it...) maybe I can help?


I'll help! Sounds fun!
So, we will need a certain amount of combinations…And maybe first-class combinations (combinations made of plain ingredients; not other combinations) could make second-class combinations (combinations made of first-class combinations)!
And then third-class combinations could be made up of two second-class combinations. Second-and-a-half, first-and-a-half, etc.


Like you can make this out of these ans those are made of that...ect.
It would take a while and we should put a cheat book.


Well, we figured out all the combos of the Hopscotch Labratory.


We can also use text and also the book would be just a reminder of what we've made.


Yeah, actually, instead of the cheat book, we could theme it like Harry Potter and maybe there will be a cheat book, except all the pages fell out along with other pages and are flying around the room and are all hidden? And you have to tap them to collect them?


I was thinking just a diffrent project where we put everything and have them hidden there.


Any other takers? I hope this will be fun.


Sounds cool! Good luck!


Would you like to help?


I could help you with this! I don't have a lot of time but I'll try my best! :D


Great, I need as big a team as I can get.


Anyone want to take artist/additional programer?


Um…we could do artist/additional coder.


Good, should I start setting up a book though?


Yeah, definitely.


Ok, I will do that once I finish my livestream.


I'll help , it sounds fun!:hugging:


And...I have no clue how to start the co-op stuff. Can someone help me with that?