Literally crying 😭😭😭


Well I feel sorry for you, but your not alone! :D

HEAPS of people aren't getting the subscription;)


Oh well attest I'm not alone
1 minute later everyone goes and gets the subscription


That's not true! Stop bringing yourself down :)

Try to stay positive :wink:


Well One bad thing about the subscription is photos hopscotch will turn into a social media app


What did I just say.

Stay positive!!! :00

And that's not necessarily true...


Not everyone is getting the subscription!

And a lot more people aren't getting the subscription! It's ok, your not alone, be positive!
Without money, there would be no hopscotch at all, so please be thankful for all THT has done for us!


I agree with @smishsmash :D


I can't laik, here's a laik @RainbowGalaxy: <3


Thanks for the laik! <3


gets laik, eats it

Thanks :3
But I'm out for 32 minutes ;-; α••( ᐛ )α•—


I have never ran out of likes. XD



Omg I run out, like, everyday xD

K, Ye, let's GBOT :D


Can u give me the link for the message fromTHT about uploading pics and the subscription?




The link doesn't work when I tried it


I don't know, then. That's the exact link.


Thanx, that linked worked for me.


The HS team needs money, that's the only way they will make money.

No offense but if you can't pay for it, it's not our problem.

They don't want to lower the price just for you or lower it becuase people can't afford it.

You need to earn it!


They could make a full version of the app, accept donations, apply for a grant, bring back paid characters, and sell Hopscotch stuff (they already give free Hopscotch stickers, which they should charge money for).


If you charge KIDS a few dollars for a few stickers, that's kinda weird.