Literally crying 😭😭😭


No I'm not leaving

It's about the subscription
I'm not allowed to get it
I'm not saying THT shouldn't get money @liza it's just
1β€’my mum won't let me for $7.99
2β€’it's dollars I have pounds!
So I think you should have loads of money
So #THT_gets_money
I think you should give those features for free
And you get money
Because I always wanted to make your own avatar and photos
No fair

  • I agree
  • I don't agree


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Oh no, I'm sorry that your not allowed to pay! D:

But I don't understand, the only way for them to get money is to make it 7.99 so if it didn't cost money, they wouldn't get any. Can you explain?


THT just found a way to make money…
…But some Hops don't leike it…
…Including me…


I sorry to here this ;-;
Just know that most people aren't getting it, your not alone! :D

Unfortunately I disagree :D
THT really needs the money, and companies need a lot of money to run their businesses and pay back their employees who have families and lives outside the business :D

And I don't understand, you want THT to get money as in this post:

But them your saying its "not fair" because they won't let you have it for free as in this:

So I don't rlly know what you want α••( ᐛ )α•—

If they sell it for free and give it to us free, they aren't making money :0
It's for the best! :D without the money, THT could have never made hopscotch in the first place ;-;


I don't get how they don't find money with outside sources (PART. TIME. JOBS.) But as long as they don't remove free features then i'm fine with it.


Hopscotch is their job. It's only fair they get money from their job.


Yeah but why not doing something else apart from hopscotch?


They want HS to be a profitable business. They don't want to just keep getting external money to fund it


That still makes no sense... They have to provide for Hopscotch with servers and stuff, why would they pay for it from sources out of Hopscotch?

Part time jobs also mean that less work gets done on the app as they have to focus on other jobs.




Just makin' mai point here:
I do not leike dat now we need to pay fir features leike uploading photos and stuff, but I DO understan how THT tries to make money out of it.:wink:


I thought you meant for family stuff.

Also I don't actually care how long it'll take for them to develop another app or a new feature.


Yeah I agree with you actually
But if maitaning a free app's their whole job then with how high the price for the new features are to...well young children I guess it's gonna turn them away. And there are people willing to spend money but i'm not sure how many people like that are in the hopscotch community.


It probably won't be honestly.


Fantastic for you. But in case you didn't know, there's people like me who do in fact care.


U agree with me Yey xD

Y am I and some others the only one going with no xD
It's just opinions but α••( ᐛ )α•—

I agree, they can't keep making a lot. Stopping. Making a lot. Stopping. They need to have a steady income, I want

them to be able to keep hopscotch going, imma pay for the premium, even though I'm not very interested. I want to help THT out :D
Plus I think new powerful blocks is super kewl and important and awesum. Pics are great too (kinda) α••( ᐛ )α•—


I know that. There's also the people who don't care at all.

I guess I forgot.

If you quote you can see something so I suggest you do that.


What is Hopscotch's target age group?


Agree 9-11 is teh age group! :D


9-11 year olds

But there are like 5-80 yr olds on it XD