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Okay, this topic is similar to my other topic, Cloud Variables in Hopscotch. It is not the same, though, so please still view. If you don't know what a tag list is I'll tell you.
Definition of a List

Ever feel like you want Hopscotch to create a variable, but you want to go away once you restart? Well, that’s what a list is. Once you create a list, you will be able to add values to it. These values can be added and deleted, moved around and rearranged. They are a lot like variables, and they are all start in the list that you want them to. They can also be used for registering and log in functions (with cloud variables) and for using clones easily.

Okay, please tell me what you people think about this idea. Maybe I’ll suggest it to THT…

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This would be so helpful in code. People say that nobody talks about Hopscotch here but you are talking about it now


This would be useful, yes.

For more than what you mentioned, too.


I have thought of this before, and it’s used in Python and many more programming languages as well. Lists are easy to use and it would be cool if you could add variables, text and integers (numbers) combined together in a list, like you can do in Python.

Example list code written in Python:
textvariable = “Text”
numbervariable = 2
list = [“This is the content in the list”, “Everything in the list has a number assigned to it, this post has number 2 assigned”, “Here are some numbers:”, 1, 2, "Here are some variables: ", textvariable, numbervariable]


Notice how no one really said it wasn’t useful…
I should suggest cloud variables and lists to THT in one of their suggesting topics.