LiStEn Up ArTiSt PeOpLe


Oh my gosh I just drew something almost exactly like that for a different contest :000


Oh, cool! May I see it?


I just posted it in the drawing topic. :smile:


Let me go check XD


Thanks for the invite, but I've already seen your post in the drawing topic multiple times. XD

I'm sorry, but I don't think i can do it. I'm kinda busy rn, and you already asked me for a request almost just like this one. :)


S'okay! I just realized how much I posted this XD


I can do dis!


Yay! I can't wait to see your entry :3

Everyone, please try to have your entry finished in a week :3


Revive ^-^

  • I'm entering
  • I'm not entering


Votes are public.

Entries are due on the 17th!


I love art!!!!
I will join! Let me draw something…


Hey look at my new profile pic!,!

Number one priority: victory!


Well, I guess this art contest is toast...


Sorry fren for da looooooong request delay
I'm drawing rn
I have many other requests to do… ;-;
Your request will done at least by Monday, k?


I wanna design mai own red and black dress, is dat OK?


Yeah, you can do whatever you want!




I used Procreate and then cropped da screenshot


wHAT O-o


Tank you fren!
I luv drawing/designing


just one thing...
my skin is kind of a different color.

and then my hair

and more red but bad lighting