List of Blocked Words on the Forum



Well they need to face the facts


Thy flame war is over
face those facts OOOOOOH


Wow, that looks like some rap song
These blocked words tho


Maybe you didn’t have to act so… snarky about it?

hh I’ll leave now


Thy. Fun. Must. Begin.


I agree with u there.
Those are the words I was trying to say!


Beautiful story

Will you help me on my writing journey


well? sorry but i’m a sassy person and it’s true ok


I was trying to use words that don’t have to be blocked.



Sure. Let’s use some of dem ■■■■s.

To write or not to write,
That is the question,
Shall I attempt to
Write in thy Shakespearean
Or cr’mble to ash’s?

I like to eat ■■■■■.


Go with what you want

Keep in mind that some people here aren’t a fan of sassiness

Ok I'll get back on topic


Can we use a language I understand please


Should I write?
Should I write like that one Shakespeare guy.
Or shouldn’t I write?


I dislike how ■■■■■ is blocked, how ami supposed to express my love for the bars of cream


No thanks

It’s like you’re speaking a different language


U were born in the nintys!!!

So ur an adult?


No, I was born in 200# I just prefer stuff that was from the 70s-90s. I just like the 90s music and the 70s-80s movies and all sorts of things back then when we didn’t have to worry about walls or which iPhone to buy.


80’s was the decade guys


@JonnyGamer wanna talk in you gt