List of Blocked Words on the Forum



oh lord ikr
yeah it’s so annoying
i say that i’m a republican and my parents voted for trump and ppl are like “that’s soooo sad!! you’re so nice tho!!”



I know right!
It’s ridiculous
My cousin, who is a ■■■■ by the way, is ranting about some confusing the pope needs to die junk, I don’t know anymore, apparently she’s atheist and she’s calling me a ■■■■ and like, all I said was I’m conservative


people are so annoying! like!!!
watch us get flagged for all this lol


I know right for being “off topic”


and i bet ppl ‘won’t like’ us now smh lol




wow! this was flagged
my first flag

thanks @Kayro!!!


I want to flag to see what happens


I didn’t flag.
I confusled.


yeah well then who did :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I dunno/I don’t care.
I mean if you read it over maybe, it could be considered rude? Could it?
I honestly don’t know anymore.

I mean it is kinda rude if someone says, newsflash it’s 2018 not 2008. I mean it could have been ‘sugar coated’ the way you said it was a tiny bit offensive, after all I’m a 90s child, (Kay u weren’t even alive in the 90s.)




@MareJCS and @HorseLover347, this isn’t a politics topic
I didn’t flag btw




Boi ■■■■■ is blocked


Time for some real life problems, starring,
That one ■■■■■ who is alone…
‘So I was in my garden and I started to ■■■ the lawn and my neighbor was like, ‘yo dude, you need to stop ■■■■■■■■ me with all ur fancy ■■■■ adds’ and I was like, ‘what do you mean, I sell ■■■■■ not ■■■■s’ he just stood there, so I continued to ■■■. ‘I like ■■■■■.’ He just like blurted it out while I was doing my garden work, like what the hay, I need to bundle this stuff up and you’re talking bout my ■■■■■ that you thought was a ■■■■?’


Thank you


for what


Making sense


apparently the person who flagged me thought saying that change happens was rude