List of Blocked Words on the Forum



I have to ■■■ the garden.




Just an example of a blocked word and why it shouldn’t be block


um actually? that word needs to be blocked


i’m assuming you don’t know what it means


I know what it could mean but what if you want to make a gardening game and want to know how to make a ■■■ or if you should add a ■■■ function.


Oh its ho.e?


look. it’s blocked. it should be. and i doubt anyone would ask ppl abt that


it’s not a good word don’t say it unless u mean the gardening tool


You doubt it but, it logically could happen and is more likely than not that it will be used.

Also it was ■■■■■■ teenagers that made everyone first think of ■■■ like that. Look back a decade and you won’t see the negative conotation that you do now!


Is republican blocked


Oh it isn’t I guess…


uh no and it should not be


and that’s good


I know but I was wondering if liberals have trashed hopscotch yet
(Pls don’t flag)


wait r u a republican?


I’m conservative by the way so like


I’m conservative woman
In Ireland we are called the people who get pay checks when you drop dead


my family is a republican

right ur the one who thinks feminism is annoying like me lol


I think feminists are annoying as all get out yeah
And then my little democratic femenazi Jake Pauler antileafy cousin right now just called me a trump loving scum, just cause I briefly mentioned the fact I’m conservative
Da fuq is life