List of Blocked Words on the Forum



Official List of Hilarious Blocked Words

Well, here we are, an official list of all words that are blocked on the forum!
I put this on Global Edit, so feel free to add some stuff
Don’t add actual swears, just words that are surprisingly blocked, and probably shouldn’t be
Keep it alphebatized, so it’s all good in the neighborhood :ok_hand:

adress (adress)
address (address)

bareback (bareback)
beer (beer)
brat (brat)
bratty (bratty)
bullying (bullying)
bluewaffle (bluewaffle)

death (death)
drunk (drunk)
dumb (dumb)

elementary (elementary)
escort (escort)

Finnishpeoplerok (finnishpeoplerok)
ForgotToDoMyHomeWork (@ForgotToDoMyHomeWork)
fredrick (fredrick) all words that start with f and end with k @fredrick (@Fredrick)
Folk (folk)
Funk (funk)
freak (freak)
Feedback (feedback)

full name (full name)

Girl on(girl on)
gmail (gmail)

Hitler (hitler)
Hardcore (hardcore)

i hate you (i hate you)
i hope you die (i hope you die)
idiot (idiot)
im leaving (im leaving) but I’m leaving is fine
ipad away (ipad away)
IP Address (ip address)
isis (isis)
I will Kill you (I will kill you)

loner (loner)
loser (loser)

meanie (meanie)

nazi (nazi)

phone number (phone number)
pistol (pistol)

real name (real name)

shoot you (shoot you)
Shut up (shut up)
spamming (spamming)
spic (spic)
Stab (stab)
stupid (stupid)
suicide (suicide)
Slenderman (slenderman)

terrorist (terrorist)

vodka (vodka)

want to die (want to die)
what school do (what school do)
where do you live (where do you live)
wine (wine)
workse (workse)

Your gay (your gay)
Your mean (your mean)

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Interesting stuff :joy:

@■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ (@ForgotToDoMyHomeWork) :joy:


@■■■■■■■■ (@Firework)


@■■■■ (@fork)


I have checked a bunch of curse words and there preaty thouroghly blocked




■■■■■■ that’s great :joy:

Your a (meanie)


The f word+ Ing is not blocked for some reason


Nintendo switch


Don’t drink ■■■■ kids :joy:

■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■
(beer) (wine) (vodka)




I saw that worksė was blocked and I saw the last three letters, kse, and thought:

what if “xse” was blocked


Hmm, you seem to have found a loophole. You can bypass the filter by just adding parentheses.


Yeah, it’s really interesting :thinking:

Now we can tag @fredrick)
It’s only the back parenthesis “)”

pretty weird

adding a "<invisitext>’ won’t let you tag fredrick:


Yeah, I thought about that if anyone becomes a leader :joy:


You’re gay


Encouraging proper grammar I see lol


:joy: Exactly

■■■■■■■■■ you’re mean
■■■■■■■■■■ I’m leaving

just ban “im” and “youre” :joy:


Tbh ■■■■■■■■■ is especially funny to me because its also the name of the guy in my profile pic

What did he do


:joy: exactly


This is the funniest topic I’ve seen