Lisa1045's Shoutout Topic (Lisa is so awesome!-Paige1212:)) (Paige ur so awesome - Lisa)



she is really nice and awesome!
Go check her out!


@Silverdolphin is sweg!


I really don't think we need a whole topic for this
But that is really nice of you!
(I also agree @Silverdolphin is awesome)


Hmm, @Lisa1045 maybe you could make this the topic where you post shoutouts to other Hops?




Uh wot? Sorry, I'm confused :open_mouth:


@KVJ like a shoutout templet?


It's a smiley face :smiley:


A shoutout topic? Yeah, where you post shoutouts whenever you feel like it, so you don't have to make new topics every time.


I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I was confused though.


@KVJ ok! This will be the shoutout topic!


Good idea! :)


@Himynameismeredith1 thank you!!!!


I would also like to give a shoutout to @StarryDream
She is really nice you should go check her out!
And sorry I missed you on my list that has all of my
Friends we are friends and I would also like to give
A shoutout to @ChocolateFox she is really nice
Like @StarryDream and @Silverdolphin you should
Go check her out! Sorry I missed you as well on my
List of friends and this shoutout goes to @cupcakemaniac1
Also like @ChocolateFox, @StarryDream and @Silverdolphin
She is really nice you should also go check her out!
And I also missed you on my list of friends I'm sorry
(I made these shoutout on here because it won't let me change the topic)


@cupcakemaniac1 we are friends


Thnx fren!
Am I your senpai?:stuck_out_tongue:


@StarryDream your welcome and yes you are!


Okay! Thanks!


@cupcakemaniac1 your welcome!


I know !!! They are already my friends/ sepanis !!