Lisa1045's General topic ! Full of MinecraftPE



Hello this is my general topic inspired by @Silverdolphin and everyone
That has made a general topic I will answer questions and chat
With people! :smiley:

Does anyone have minecraft PE?


Hi, don't you already have two general topics? Maybe only keep one!


I do.

Used to play it all the time :D

but now I dont play minecraft anymore....
I would if my friends played it... or not idk.


I have Minecraft Pe but don't use it much, and don't know much on it


@bluedogmc-official I don't know how to change it....


If you mean change the topic, then just edit it to change it!

You generally only need one general topic, and you can just reply there!


I have Minecraft PE!

How was your day? What are you coding right now?


Well it won't let me change the topic but ok I will just keep one of the
My general topics but the reason why I made this one is because
scince it won't let me change the topic I make new ones.


@Catface4 my day was great! And I'm not coding much right now


I have Minecraft PE and I have the Xbox and pic versions of minecraft.


I do I can't wait until 0.16.0 comes out for iOS!!!


Yup. I also can't wait until I get a working computer..... I must see lamas