Lion, zebra, deer and tiger character

I’d like a lion, zebra, deer and tiger character in hopscotch.


The lion character could go in the ‘jungle’ section.
The zebra could probably also go in the ‘jungle’ section.
The deer character could go in the special edition ‘spring’ section that might be added but no one can be sure. If the deer character was implemented, you could have a whole deer family (like a buck, doe, and fawn!)
The tiger character could also go in the ‘jungle’ section.

I love that your coming up with new ideas for characters. Keep them coming :grin:.


What do you think, buddies?

  • Lion
  • Deer
  • Zebra
  • Tiger

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Cool ideas!

Neither of those creatures actually live in the jungle, so if they were to be added, maybe they should be added in a new Savanna section. They could be added with other characters, such as a gazelle, rhino, and giraffe.


Yeah! Thanks @tankt2016!

I think if they added a deer you should make a forest section? So like a deer a moose an eagle even. Plus if it was a forest they could add different trees and plants like a fern or wild berry bush. Also there could be items like a pine cone or a leaves.

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The jungle section exists, that’s close enough

I see, but I have no opinion on this, and can’t develop one


I like all of these ideas - new characters are always cool!


I accidentally read duck, I was slightly confused lol


I think the most needed character is count toucula but yes these would be cool too
Although for tiger there’s already Miss Chief which if I’m not mistaken is wearing a tiger costume


Tbh, my reference for where they lived was The Lion King lol. Which I now realize is in the savannah. Wow, I have terrible memory of that movie.

But, yeah these are some pretty cool ideas.

When you think about it, there is actually a tiger character, Miss Chief.


Tiger in jungle, Lion and Zebra in a new Savanna section and deer in a forest section

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