Link me to a few good hopscotch projects


I want to make a hopscotch music video, kinda like this one:
(I won't be able to make one as good as this!)
can u link me to some suitable projects?
I will credit u or whoever made it!


lol, 16 mins ad nobody replied


21 mins and counting, nobody has replied, sigh


PurpleHawk's Kaleidoscope might work.


can u link me to it, @GysvANDRegulus?


can someone also link me to some good music (not hopscotch music!)

#7 One of the kaleidoscope's options has been ruined by emojis, btw.




I'm really a nobody, 33 mins and only 1 person replied


Me 2, but look at how much people tapped the link. Then again, people can add 1 again and again by tapping it, but I don't think 1 person tapped it 5 times. So at least one other person was here.




Me 2 as in me too as in I'm also a nobody. If you look at the number in the grey circle you can see it's been clicked/tapped 5 times. I haven't tapped the link, and you've probably have tapped it once or twice, so someone else has to have tapped the link, which means they've looked at this topic but didn't respond, so you're not really a nobody.


(knew that!)