Link hopscotch? New icon?



Can I link Hopscotch with this? Also, how do I get the other icons in-game?



Good question!

You can get a link by...
-Going into a project
-Pressing the •••s and then pressing share
-After that, go into the forum and double tap to paste it

To change your profile picture in hopscotch you have to..
-Press the smiley on the bottom right
-Press your profile picture (the circle that should have a rainbow in if)
-Tap a new profile picture
-Press done


What @RobotPro said!


I medan like the bear as icon?


The bear icon is gone now.
Now all you have left are rai bows and hot dogs. :frowning:


Welcome to the forum! you can not switch it back to bear though!


Why? :confused: It's stupid :frowning:


You can also press the little chain on a hopscotch project and then go on the forum and press the clipboard on your keyboard


I don't want the bear as my profile picture more. I'm fine with that I've now!