Line Defense Collab


Hey!!! I saw this game on the AppStore called line defense and I would like to recreate it but I will need some help🙂


Here is an image


What are you doing in the game?


Here is my progress so far ( Not too far)


Cool! I suggest that you don’t make multiple topics though.
You could recycle the old topic since no one has posted in it.


You try to block. Meteors from hitting the city, for further details check on the AppStore


I accidentally made that it glitches when I posted so I thought it deleted it


Yeah. That used to happen to me as well. Idk if it still does. I don’t make topics often, it’s too much work.


Have you guys seen the video on the AppStore?


Check out the app from this link
Line Defense by Legal Radiation Team


Yeah. I suppose you could use clones with last touch in the clone drawing technique for the lines.


Cool could you show what you mean, there is also Clone index, and total clone blocks in the new update so they could (?) Help


I could help, if you’re okay with it. I’m going to install the app and see the mechanics of the game.


Sure, and thanks for the help


The new clone index could be useful, but the basic idea may not require it yet.
We’ll start with the main controls and work in to details?
Edit: we could use the index to limit the line.


There could be a partially transparent object over a trail art of the city and when the object is hit, you take damage. Tag me and post a link when you want anything done.


Ok thanks for helping


Do you think you could make the blockers/Squares?
Here is the basic format, improve anything you need to and please send a link of the updated version


Should I start with the trail art city?

I’ll try to make it as accurate to this as possible.
It may take a little while though. I’ll post a link when I’m done.


Thank you so much!!! You can start with either the blocking or the city