Limited time LazyLizard and GlitterGirl Q and A!



Ask us all kinds of questions and we will answer! Keep them appropriate, PLEASE!! We will answer non-hopscotch topics but we won't give out our names and if we plan to answer throughout the next few days. She's really excited to be here and wants to answer your questions!


Wear did you get your name?


What do you get if you combine you names?


Would you rather.......
Be trapped in Chillanna and have to do whatever someone puts as a rule or else you will be stuffed in a running shower of cold ketchup.

Have to be the person who makes sure Hopscotch Characters do what they are told to do in rules, but they fight you so they don't have to do it, and you must be the person to right down EVERY. SINGLE. RULE. And you work for MagmaPOP.

You and glitter girl answer separately. As in, each of you answer as you would answer if the other person didn't hear what you said.


I would rather be #1
But GG000 will reply asap!