Limited-Time Competition: Curate Your Own Hopscotch Community Browser!

super sick! def making something for this!

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I couldn’t think of a name.

I want to do this but this isn’t the type of thing I’m into so I am for sure not doing this

There’s lots of other things you can do with the block.

Like Interactive Advertisements in projects.
Obviously a channel browser

Can’t think of anything else…

This deserves 100 seeds for innovation in my opinion


Nope! It can’t

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I didn’t think of that!
Plus it’s an opinion

Doesn’t include 2 projects


But you can still do any project
You just have to link it yourself q

But it doesn’t follow guidelines

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Project is really good though

Hopefully an exception can be made or hopefully someone tells them

@Fusion_Studios I’m assuming presuming you’re this person
Yeah, these kind of projects aren’t allowed ig
Wait no yours fusion studios

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That’s not them

Who is that then?

I have no idea

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Infinite Studios is @/Infinity I’m pretty sure

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Wait what

Either they left the Forum or they changed username ._.
Can’t seem to find them anymore

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They are @/.infinite_studios ig

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