Limited replies


The forum tells me that I have reached the number of replies today and says check back tomorrow!
Has anybody else had that problem?


It's not a problem :wink:

Every new user has limited replies in their first day to make sure they aren't a bot and aren't spamming the forum with unneeded things!
Soon you will have unlimited replies :D @Paige1212

Remember to SBYP! Which means search before you post :D there's a lot of topics already about this that will answer your question :wink:


Everyone has that when they join the forum. It's to prevent spam.
Also, there are quite a few topics like this, just remember to search what you want to answer before making a topic.


Everyone already said it. lol.


No, it's normal when your new to the forum :slight_smile:. It happend to me when I first joined. And probably to everyone else. :wink:
The reason you have limited replies on your first few days is to prevent spam.


Btw welcome to the forum! If you ever need help tag me, by putting an @ and then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds, it will give me a notification and I will help you!


I have unlimited replies and posts now!