Limited color coding contest. Make a cool game and win some really sweet prizes! 🙀😱❗️❕‼️❗️❕‼️❗️❕‼️



This is a coding contest which has some secret but good prizes. To enter, just make something that uses only 3-10 colors, publish it, and post a link here.

How it will be judged:
How well you used the colors: /10
Concept: /20
Code: /10
How high the FPS is: /30
How closely you stuck to the theme: /10
Gameplay: /20

The judges will all rate your game, being very strict (I don’t expect anyone to get a 100), and your total score will be the average.

image Nindroid
image BlastFusion
image HopscotchRemixer

We’d appreciate it if:
You include a how to in the game.
You include an FPS counter. To find out how, go here.

@OMTL @Nindroid @POMTL


Can i bees da judge cuz I’m a cow


I have a project that focuses around colors, but I think I have 11 instead of 10 :/

I still might enter it, if I finish in time


I willl judge this dude


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It’s called save image.

It’s a cool thing.

Try it on BlastFusion, you’ll get it


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