Limit Scope to Specific Variables

A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

Limiting custom rules to some specific clones. This would be optional when creating the custom rule, next to parameters.

I’d use it for this type of project:

Games where the fps drops considerably due to clones reading tons of containers. Even if they are not running the code inside those containers, this is a considerable loose of time and with lots of clones, this results a fps drop.

Here are some examples of Hopscotch code that could be improved if we had this:

Complex platformers with lots of different tiles, so different collision; and game where there’s only one object.

Here is an example design I’ve made:

I’ve seen something similar in another programming languages, it looks like this:

Hopscotch. If your game has two objects, cupcake and banana, cupcake isn’t going to run banana’s code and banana isn’t going to run cupcake’s code. Limiting scope to some specific clones would be a great thumbs up for the game’s fps, if there are a ridiculously big number of clones in that game

i’m aware i can directly put some clone index=67 in containers, but imagine a game with 60 containers and 500 clones… hopscotch player (system, not you) would need to run through 3000 containers each 0.016667 seconds!!! why not helping it a little bit by just limiting a scope to specific clones, and also it can increase the fps!


(and yup this time i’m too lazy to photoshop a complex design haha)


if possible, please close/clive this topic - i dont see the use of this