Limericks and Poems about Hopscotch and The forum!


Hi! So today I'm English class, we're learning about writing limericks. Limericks is a humorous and witty 5 lined poem with the rhyme pattern aabba and the number of syllables sequence 8-9,8-9,5-6,5-6,8-9. Oh and it must be uniformed like:
Line one have 8 syllables
Line 2 have 8 syllables
Line 3 have 5 syllables
Line 4 have 5 syllables
Line 5 have 8 syllables
Line 1 have 9 syllables
Line 2 have 8 syllables
Line 3 have 5 syllables
Line 4 have 6 syllables
Line 5 have 8 Syllabels

Those above are just examples!
Parts of Limericks:
Line 1 introduces a character, usually steers with There was once a_____
Line 2 tells more about the character
Line 3 introduces a conflict that the character have.
Lind 4 ends the conflict.
Line 5 is the last line that ends the limerick and make the readers smile or even laugh!
Limericks are popularized by Edward Lear on the 18th century(if I'm not mistaken).
Example of Limericks(not Hopscotch related)


Yes you can write a rhyming poem too!

Important rules:

•Make everything related to Hopscotch
•Do not insult anyone
•Be nice
•Have fun
•Follow the rules!
Have fun,let creativity take over you!
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There once was a hopscotcher with a beard,
Who said, 'It is just as I feared!
Two Coders and a Artist,
Four Forumers and a Beginner,
Have all build their nests in my beard!'



Lol okay..but that's not original lol


The third and fourth line have more than 5 or 7 syllables


The first one have more than 8 or 9 syllables


Well I couldn't really come up with ideas lol


You can also write poems


There was once a forumer named Smish
Who have a bag that is Hopscotch-ish
A robber saw the bag
And wanted to buy bag
But the robber got Smished by Smish
Idk lol


Ee!! I love reading and deciphering poetry, although I'm not the best at writing poems (the one below is free verse):

You say I can't code
Because I'm a girl
Because it's weird
Because "it's a guy thing"
Because it's too hard for me
I wake up the next day and think
It's going to be a great day
You're amazing
But thoughts can only travel so far
Thoughts are not your actions
Your responses
Your words
Your brain
Thoughts have a mind of their own
You're amazing
You can do this
It's going to be a great day
"It's weird"
"You're a girl"
"You can't do it"
Okay, okay, okay
You win, it's over, you're at the finish line
But no
Oh, no
I'm not gonna cry
I'm gonna get back up and dust myself off and say
You've ain't got no control over me


How are you so good at coding?!?!?!


Woah! You have a talent! I need your skillz XD


Give me some time...


There once was a girl named Bella
And "you can't code" said a fella
She did all she could
Oh no then she failed
And she crawled into a smol hole

The end.


Once I went shopping with mum
And she smacked me on the bum
because I stole lollies
from the big trollies
but I still thought they were yum

so I went home that day
I did not have to pay
for the lollies
in the big trollies
but my teeth started to decay


Great limerick! But the 4th line have obly have 4 syllables




I cannot code
As told by everyone
I wake up
Then I hear your voice in my head
You cannot code
But then why do I code
Why do I try my hardest
I hear that voice again and again
You cannot code
I take the voice out for once
And fill my head with words
Good words
Try your hardest
Don't listen to them.

I honestly don't know if this is a poem xD


Cooollll! Can I use this limerick for a project?


give credit tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of course!
Credit to BellaWafflez17 or iwaffle?