Liking Statistics "Bug"?


Hey, everyone!
Happy hopscotch birthday!

I was checking the "Most Liked By" category. Yesterday, @Phase_Admin was at the top of my likes with 1000 some likes. Today, @Gilbert189 is up there, with 1000 some likes, and Phase Admin dropped to 800 ish.

I checked Gilberto's profile, and @Intellection74 was at the top with 1000 some likes, and I was below by 200 or so. Yesterday, I was in top with 1100 some, and I didn't check where she was yesterday.

I don't think we un-liked or mass liked in one 12 hour sleep period, so what's going on?

@Liza? @asha?


Wait wot

I have no idea what your saying but ok xD


Basically, the positions of the most liked changed while I was sleeping, when we didn't do anything (or so I think)


This might sound bad but,
What if they unlike your post?


That's weird... it's probably a glitch! I don't think you're able to unlike a post after a certain amount of time...

Strange... @Phase_Admin has dropped to around 500 now!
Here's a like! <3


I have not been un-liking. This is very strange!


I think it was wrong the first time. It may have just recently updated to the correct versions, because I think I have given you that many likes. :D

Plus, @Phase_Admin had more than 500 likes on tons of profiles, and I added them up for only some, and got way more than the likes he had actually given. :D