Liking Spam in Activity



Does this bug anyone else? This person liked (I counted) 265 of my projects. I mean, I love it when people think I have good projects, but it can be a little over the top. I understand if they are new to Hopscotch, and don't understand yet, but still, who has time to do this?

OK. Poll Time!
Does this bug you, too?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • It would bug me if it happened to me
  • Meh. Don't care
  • No. I LOVE it.


Do you think there should be a liking limit like on the app, like the forum?

  • Yes. Absolutely. LIMIT EVERYTHING!!!!
  • Sure
  • Doesn't Matter to Me (Why are you reading this then?)
  • No. It is fine. LIKE EVERYTHING!!



This happens to me every half hour, it's basically just somebody who REALLLLYYYYYYY loves your projects!


I respect his username though WATERMELOAAAANNN


I agree with @OrangeScent1, the reason people like so much of your projects is because they really like your projects or just want to make your day :wink:



Yeah. I know. I love that this happens, but I just wanted to see if this happens to others and annoys them also. I didn't even know I have published over 300 projects. Probably over 1000.


I don't see a problem with likes.


@Follow4LikesOfficial and @Rawrbear (and me) would hate if there was a like limit!


I got spammed once! Just spammed someone! Haha lol


No pls


It happens to me sometimes but for me :heart:s are an occasional present.


I thought the grammar police should come to you. Oh wait your not serious about dis :o


...Maybe PER USER, not for everyone. Like you can only like FakeUser1234 50 times a day, but in the same day you can also like Imnotarealuser 50 times in the same day.


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I know this sounds weird but I made a mission to like at least 20 of your drawings :joy:


Okay I'm curious how did you count?


It was probably just an estimate!

Anyway, @Glitter_Kitty, if you see likes like this, like @OrangeScent1 said, it means the person really likes your projects! Instead of hating it, like it because the person likes your projects a lot! :smile:


Same with autofollows! I want to know who ACTUALLY follows me instead of them saying they follow me but they have completely no idea who I am.


I went through and counted how many times my activity center said that they liked one of my projects.


I really wish I knew how many followers I had :3


I got spam liked by @Kiwicute2016.

That's right: two pages wide, and they were half of the 22 notifications I got last hour! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: