Liking chain! For Hopscotch and the forum!



This was inspired by @Anonymous's chain games!
In this chain, you either go onto Hopscotch or stay here on the forum and like a project from a random Hopscotcher! After that you say what project or post you liked and then someone has to like a post or project starting with the last letter of the forumers name!
Ooh! I found a project called "find the Easter egg!"
Now you have to reply. With a project starting with the letter "G"!

Mass tag list!



Geometry dash That is my game name


Who is it by? Next Hopscotcher has to find a project that starts with the letter "H"!


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Oh it's by THT I dint know


"HELP!!!!" By loads of Hopscotchers :wink:

Also, I'm not on the mass tag list...

Friendly Mass Tag List!

Why don't you add yourself, then? (Tap the ••• in the bottom of the post and tap the pencil and add yourself.) We always use the updated version!


Weirdly enough, I can't! Meh, it's fine


I'm going to add you now. :wink:
Take yourself off if you want to.

I think you have to be like a member or a certain trust level to add yourself.


Thanks very much! And I think I can only edit regulars' posts?


Only Regulars and up, like me, can make editable posts.

Try this out! Now, BOT, @KVJ


I remember a project called "Paper and Pencil FTU"


u-turn by axolotl


Neon glow draw by _________


"Why" by Colourful Black!


Y :smile: by Pupup


Yoshi Pixel Art! by YubNub!!!


@tankt2016 thank you for making this awesome topic!!!


"Test" by loads of Hopscotchers


Triangle Peg Game V.5.0 by british_narwal!