Liking as many projects as we can!



Hi Everyone!
On March 14th I think we should like as many projects as we can! It will make lots of people happy!


great idea! and welcome to the forum!


That's a great idea!! You're BubblegumCupcakeMix!!!!!!! You're awesome!


You should do it the 17 th in sted you want to know why

It st. Patrick day


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Let's do it!
Can I add it on Stick news? (March 12th)

Stick news latest episode

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I think that likes are there if you really like it not just to make someone's day!


Im in I'm gonna like cream and SUPER SNOWY OWL they are my friends and their birthdays are one and two days before that!


Sure! We want as many people as possible to know!


We should like as many original projects as we can. :grinning: