Likes- Why don't we get a lot


Most people don't get a lot of likes/credit for their hard coding good projects we need to fix this :disappointed:


It's most likely because you need to get on featured first- then people start to know your fame as a successful hopscotcher, but there's no such thing as that! Everyone is perfect whether they're successful or not!


Anyone else wanna add on?


Likes don't matter! Coding matters, what matters is that you like what you do! But it's nice to get likes, however Hopscotch is not about likes. :wink:


True it just seams like everyone gets featured :sob:


That's a good thing! That means that people will get their chance to shine, and get some more of these blood pumping muscles. :wink:

Likes don't really matter, they just mean that other people want to like it. It only matters if you like it!


I think that's a typo :sweat_smile:, "everyone gets featured" in that case there is no problem :laughing:


I feel you, I haven't been on featured since early 2015, but I'm not blaming hopscotch, I blame myself for barely doing anything on my projects, and to be honest I'm afraid my programming is fading because I'm never playing my iPad anymore


@Wookie even though it's hard to not focus on likes and featured and stuff like that, you should try not to, dont COMPLETELY ignore it, but don't let likes get into the way of coding!


HI @Wookie and welcome to the hopscotch forums!🤗