Likes on Hopscotch



I was really surprised when I found out that the # of likes were moved to the right side, and barely visible. I didn't notice it at first, thought it was a bug, then deleted the app. Why was it moved?


I got confused about the new # of likes thing and thought if I deleted the app and redownloaded it would be better, but then I realized that the likes were hidden in the right corner. :joy:


You almost game a heart attack.....I thought you deleted such an amazing app because you thought you couldn't see the likes again...I was like "AHHHHHHHHH WHHHHHYYYYYY?!?"


I got flagged for that!!!! I'm scared because Liza said if someone else flags it, things can happen with the post AND my account!! I'm now a bit scared. :confounded:


If okay! If you get a flag just a warning if your posting constant spam then action will probably be taken


@Lavendercupcake is right! Don't worry yourself silly! @Liza is just letting you know that the Hopscotch forum wants good but straight foward answers. If you want to chat, chat to friend. That's kind of what she means. But just don't worry yourself cause you'll be fine if you just don't do too many spam comments. :yum: Just have fun!