Likes on hopscotch, MY OPINION

Ok so I know that hopscotch all about likes but i think that we need to think about that theory

Getting likes makes you happy and feel proud that people like your projects, when you get likes your project is getting around and people can see your awesome code! By this you can be an inspiration and have people improve your projects.

Another thing about likes is that people don't actually look at the project just the screenshot and that's a bit annoying because maybe you couldn't fit the amazing stuff in so play the project before you like

Please stop you liking all the projects someone does, if you like a project like it -you don't have to like projects.
it just some projects get 60 likes when it's just a message or a quick not so great sketch
-this does not mean people are bad drawers!

Make it so when you like someone's project they are over the moon!
Or maybe like one project that you really like that's unnoticed and advertise!

Please don't flag or report it's just my idea -you can share your opinion below just no arguments


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Yeah true. But I just am a VERY tough liker!


Did you mean to put some other words here?

And yes, I do agree with you. I think someone said a while back that people tend to like messages and art because just it's there, you don't need to play anything.


Yeah sorry, typo​:grimacing: -or maybe it didn't show?

Hey @MR.GAM3R can you please change the tags at the top to spam_likes and Dolphy


Neat topic, I agree with you all the way :D!

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Yes, look through #art where you can see some amazing projects that go completely unnoticed


Ok, there you go! :smiley:

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I enjoy liking the beginners projects because it encourages them to keep coding!