Likes not coming back

So I dunno if it's a glitch or not, but last night, It said I would get my likes back in 18 minutes, but that was before I went to sleep
So I wake up, and It says I have an hour left

It then glitches and lets me like one thing, then it goes to three hours

Three hours later it still says three hours

It could've been theat it said 18 hours, but that doesn't explain why it went to one hour then three and stayed at three
And if it was 18 hours, it would end in 15 min, not like 3 hours or one hour after I logged in this morning



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That's... really weird.

I don't know what to do, hopefully it'll stop?

I don't know!

Happens all the time, it does.

Most likely a glitch. Idk.

Maybe it said 18 hours?????