Likes for requests! (Closed until I finish all the requests)



closed until I'm finished with all the 7 requests

So, I'm going to do requests
But, I don't want to do sth using full effort and get nothing.
So, you can get requests by liking my posts!
Here's the amount of posts u have to like for each specific requests

Head: 35likes

Hair style and color
Eyes color
Skin color

Half body: 50likes

Head form+ clothing

Full body: 75 likes

Half body form+ pose

I hope it's fair to you
I promise I'll put 100% effort in ur requests!





Awesome work Artist I love it


I love your art
But isn't this kinda begging for likes??


Nice idea :D


I don't think so
It's just I want to actually have something given for spending time on drawing sth u like


No, She/He is giving you some thing in return. He/She is a fabulous artist, so it's a fair trade in my opinion.


@CatWithABrush could you teach me how to draw


I might do this xD

may I have a head? (Sounds weird lol)


Thanks, I love your art! It's amazing :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: I think I liked about 35 posts. Or more, idk @ColourfulBlack


I have question,
Do we like u on HS or HF?


@WinningMonkey u can say the request first XD


Can I have one like you last one please

Form: Head And Body
Hair style and color Brown and like the last one
Eyes color Blue
Skin color Tan
Extras Softball on top if you can
Expression like last one please

I did just over 50 likes I'm pretty sure


@WinningMonkey remember me CutePuppy{on}:dog::art:™ I miss you


I'm pretty sure

I'll look on hopscotch :blush: At your account



Look at you activity in a bit


Why how many minutes do I have to wait


I'll request a half body! XD omg I sound like a psycho O_O


I'm not sure just until it comes through


Thx but I noticed someone bullied me they said I am junk


U guys gave me 92 notifications