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Me too!! (^-^)


Well done, I think XD


Why are you saying well done
I’m not smart XD


@DrCrazyChicken I dare you to tell her true.




You’re smart :|


No I’m not XD
Let’s get back on topic now ;D


I don’t know what’s going on but YOU ARE SMART

And yeah, let’s get back on topic XD


Thanks but you’re wrong XD


@Dylan329 - It’s a good idea, but people can always tell others their follower count and popularity contests could still occur. But yeah, it is a good thought. I would much rather have that than a full follower count.

Guys, please stay on topic! Thank you! :smile:


How about a revive? Who’s with me?!


Yeh a revive for this topic is good


Not really
I think there are popular people on the forum though


i can’t distinguish the popular people from non popular pepole. i usually just remember people who i interact with alot


Well, just see the time they’ve spent here, the likes and replies they get on their GT
If they’ve been here for a small amount of time but have tons of replies and likes (not including the hard earned likes) then they are popular


Mm true.