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Yo! how tell me pls
I have wondered



Ok. I don’t really think the coding language would change anything; you can in fact already see your follower count.


I’d like to have that feature

Don’t have HS tho


Good point.


You can, how exactly?


NindroidGames posted a link to the topic.


Okay, thanks. By the way, I love your projects!


it says where?



@HopscotchRemixer - Thanks :smile:

@AHappyCoder - Yes, it is best to just ignore them.
And yeah, sure there are people with more replies than others, however there is no real POPULARITY contest on Hospcotch, and I personally feel that if we have a follower count this will occur.

Oh and by the way guys keep discussing! I think it is awesome. However, just to clean up this chat area a little bit, if you mind please keep your replies to one at a time. Please do not comment one sentence, and then right after comment your next. If you want to reply to several people, mention their username like I did above! Thank you!


if there was a Follower counter though, I think the competition created wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds because people would be creating better projects to earn more followers. Most people would be putting more effort into projects and there would be less “click bait projects”. I just think people shouldn’t be judged right away by how many followers they have in comparison to others. Idk just an idea🙃


click bait for me is a project that looks good


Yeh by click bait I just meant projects that offend people so that they click on them or those people that spam post. Mostly what I just meant was that competition could encourage people to create more with coding.


Why can’t a follower account be private and seen only by you personally?


you were once like me






Probably because that doesn’t stop people from telling their follower count.


I like this idea!