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Hey guys! So, today I am going to talk about the three game-changers on Hopscotch: likes, followers, and views. Why we care about them so much, why Hopscotch probably doesn’t have a follower count and more.

First off, we care so much about these three things on our posts on both the forum AND on hopscotch. I know it’s great to see the hype on your post, and even I love it when you guys participate and get into it. A lot of people ARE like me! However, some people take it even further and make up sad stories to get you to like their post, or asking people to follow them for a certain prize. It is all really weird because Hopscotch isn’t exactly a form of social media, where you can gain popularity through likes. No one is “not popular” on the forum, for example. We are all just some hopscotchers that love to code and learn new things about the coding field. I love it when people favorite my posts and like my piece of code, but asking for likes is a whole new thing!

I don’t know for sure, but probably one good reason THH doesn’t get a follower count for your accounts is that the popularity contest starts. Who has more followers than who, who do people like more, etc! It will turn from coding to a contest to who has more followers! Think about it?!

Here is a little poll for you guys to complete. I am really interested to hear the results-

  • I would rather have a follower count, despite all the proof held above
  • Your right. Follower counts are not good for Hopscotch!

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Thank you guys for reading! I hope I taught you something today!


they should add more settings and stuff. like maby a toglable folower count with the default setting being off


Awesome topic!! (^-^)
I don’t think a follower count would be so bad, but you make a great point. Although I’m pretty sure the reason the Hopscotch Team hasn’t added it was because they couldn’t with the way Hopscotch was coded :o


Great topic! I see your point and in your side!


The follower count should come with suscription!



i don’t like this idea


Wow! I did not expect the poll results! 71% of people WOULD RATHER have a follower count, despite everything I mentioned. And 29% of people agreed with me!
Keep on with the poll! I would love to hear your reasons for your choices, so leave those in the comment section below!
*Please note that your beliefs are yours! I am not saying that mine are correct and yours are incorrect! This is entirely an opinionated poll!


That’s not the reason :D

The follower count is already accessible, I think the reason it is not showen is the popularity issue. That was probably the reason they removed the remix count, too.


Popularity is already an issue. Followers should be more than just a “gift” or so that you can see their projects in a tab. It should send you a notification that someone that you follow posted something.


But then I’d have to unfollow almost everyone I follow. I don’t agree with this.


Maybe. Although when I asked Liza about it, she said it was because of the coding language Hopscotch was written in.


It’s accessible.


Maybe it is now, she told me that months ago XD


Oh did she? That ACTUALLY changes everything.

And I am not saying that my reason is for sure right. It can totally be about the coding language of Hopscotch.


it’s kindof meata to think that evry coding langueve was coded in another languige


Hi! Sharing Tumblr on here is against the rules. :slight_smile:


Why would you have to unfollow everyone?


This is a good idea for a topic @Swati_Bang


So my notifications don’t get spammed.


Its best to just ignore them lol

But its true, for example that some people’s general topics get more replies